Five tips for Curvy Women to feel Special

This Women’s Day Five Tips for Qurvii Women to feel Special

Happy Women's Day 2022


Fashion is deeply ingrained in our lives. Fashion media and popular culture are influencing women continually. Women are constantly being bombarded with imagery and messaging of the perfect body type. This leads to unrealistic expectations on women (both from others, but even more alarmingly, from ourselves) to aspire to get the “perfect body". Having curves often seems like a liability.

Alarming Facts:

According to the case Studies and Surveys conducted about Women's body Image issues.

  • Objectification of the body usually happens due to culture
    in social media.
  • Mental health issues occur at an earlier age in girls than in
  • The influence of the fashion industry is creating severe dissatisfaction among women for their bodies.
  • Women are frantically checking their weights and following rigorous diets.
  • Fashion magazines advertisements are causing anorexia, eating disorders among women
  • Unrealistic expectations developed in society about having ideal bodies.
  • Fashion trends create lower self-esteem and instant disapproval for themselves.
  • Women are facing depression. Forgetting their likes and dislikes.


Read these five essentials’ tips from Qurvii to fall in Love with your Curves.

  • Live your Life as if you're much more than Just a Size Tag

Let's start shunning all sources (people, media and brands) that tell us;
"We have to change something about us in order to look good”. The fact is
that we are all beautiful just the way we are. We owe it to ourselves to
reject all negative voices and take charge of our happiness.


  • Diet Or Exercise Not as A Punishment but To Feel Good

Exercise and eating healthy are crucial steps to getting physically and
mentally fit. If we exercise, or diet to punish our bodies, it is harmful.
Aspire to a healthy body, not the "perfect" one.

  • Shape Your Personality with Confidence. 

We women constantly struggle with un-affirmative gossip, which leads to
negative thoughts. Such thoughts make us feel objectified for our looks.
But when we decide on our path, these talks become just noise.
We become upbeat and smile with warmth. We enlighten up our days and
others. Confidence is not an outcome of living up to others’ expectations. It
comes from being at peace with who we are. Remember, with confidence,
respect from others comes effortlessly.

  • Embrace Little Things in Life and Be Kind, Most Importantly to Yourselves 

Attraction is in the kindness that we show to others and ourselves. This
step is crucial to building emotional well-being. Kindness makes our mood
delightful. This act releases dopamine, a happy hormone. It gives us
immense gratitude. We feel ready to acknowledge all blessings in life.
Such a habit helps us stop pursuing elusive beauty standards.

  • Accept Yourselves Wholeheartedly 

We all have this unfading beauty in our inner self, which fashion can only
embellish. But we must also acknowledge that it takes immense courage
and compassion to let go of the need to fit in
The ultimate goal is to not reach a destination. But to explore imperfect
pieces of ourselves. To know that these blemishes are what make us unique
and inevitably beautiful.

On this women's day, take a step forward towards true happiness.
Qurvii believes that there is no such thing as the perfect body and
that the role of fashion is not to make women aspire to some
“perfect body" type. The role of fashion is to make all women feel
beautiful and confident. This women's day, Qurvii invites all
women to celebrate yourself, just the way you are. Qurvii joins you all
on this new journey.



Celebrate Yourself. Celebrate Your Curves.






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